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Complete Pharmacy


  • Complete Pharmacy* would like to feature ongoing publications throughout the year with varying themes and content

  • The turnaround times will be relatively short as product selection and marketing assets will not be determined until much closer to the go-live date


*These are real pitch mocks presented to a real retailer. In order to conceal the identity of that retailer (as the templates have yet to go live), the "Complete Pharmacy" name, logo and brand have been invented



  • A templated approach is necessary to accommodate the short turnaround times and to provide the retailer with a visual guide for choosing products

  • Overlapping elements, background colours and borders are used to achieve a more custom look

  • Minimal manual tweaking will be required to achieve a more curated design and break the grid wherever possible

  • As themes are still unknown, the templates need to work for any category Complete Pharmacy chose to feature

  • Mocks for both Beauty and Vitamin themes were pitched to showcase the versatility of the templates



production increase in full, manual publications for Complete Pharmacy (from only 2 to 8 per fiscal calendar)


additional revenue
potential unlocked

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