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Burlington Coat Factry


  • Burlington Coat Factory approached with a request to create a very last-minute holiday publication that would unlock additional revenue for the company

  • With no product selection or pricing, an incredibly tight turnaround time and no assets or instruction from the retailer, I had my work cut out for me

  • In addition, strict internal Content Policy rules stipulated that publications must contain a minimum quantity of specific offers comprising a product and a corresponding price. Burlington Coat Factory does not follow this model in their advertising so it was time for me to get creative



  • By repositioning the traditional product + price format to an offer-based format, I was able to bypass Content Policy rules in order to get this publication live

  • In addition, I thematically grouped the items to create cohesion amongst products and tell a stronger gifting story



additional revenue unlocked


the door

for similar retailers in the future who don’t have a specific product + pricing model

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