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eBlast Nesletter


  • A template overhaul was required for a monthly e-newsletter with constantly-changing themes

  • The main focus for the newsletter was to advertise customizable templates for promotional events in the bar and restaurant industry

  • Restaurant owners could choose which events they would like to feature and then select from an array of marketing materials ranging from special featured menus, extended hours of operation or simply a fun day such as "National Chocolate Day"



  • A customizable header area was coded at the top to ensure custom messaging and accommodate constantly-updating themes

  • The most popular events were bumped to a higher position and given more visual real estate with a section following with additional content in smaller circles

  • Main point is that the new template focused on what it offered to our clients: a helpful reminder of upcoming holidays, insight into “quirky” or fun days they could advertise and visuals for pre-designed ad templates

  • It drove immediate value for clients and didn’t take a lot of time to read or decide what to move forward with

  • Worked closely with developers to ensure coding limitations were respected as well as pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved through the use of transparency and layering

  • Following a consistent template each month meant that busy restaurant owners know what to expect and could quickly dissect the info and choose which templates to move forward with



increased click through rate

(from 2.1% to 7.3%)


increased open rate

(from 10% to 17%)

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