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Holiday Baking Microsite


  • Client was looking for a microsite that would drive high engagement and spur ingredient shopping for child-brands

  • The site will go live 2 months prior to Christmas in order to allow plenty of time for planning and shopping 

  • This microsite features a mix of child-brands that need to tie together to tell a story in a highly curated, cohesive and custom aesthetic

  • The long, vertical scroll format needs to stay interesting and visually pleasing until the end to drive user engagement


  • A strong emphasis on visual storytelling needs to tie the microsite together to maintain interest throughout the long scroll format

  • Recipes remained the central focus of the microsite as they tie both the ingredients and child-brands together as well as bringing families and friends together during a busy season

  • Cohesion was achieved through consistent fonts and colours as well as a minimal background and plenty of lifestyle imagery and decorative elements

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